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Article : Fightmag 16.07.2014 - Carl Emery units people of goodwill

Date : 16/07/2014

Article : Fightmag 16.07.2014

Carl Emery Units People of Goodwill - Posted on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 by

Swiss born, Carl Emery, a former kickboxing World champion, inventor of World Kickboxing Forum, the man who brought together the very first four world champions, and the co-founder of The Peace Fighters initiative, is organizing the second instalment of the World Martial Arts Games in Geneva.   world champion kickboxing Carl Emery who has experienced the World of Martial Arts from traditional Karate, same as everyone back then, to the actual punch-on in the boxing, told in 2010 ‘When I was competing. There were only 2 Worldwide federations’. kickboxing champion The video below is a TV report highlighting one of Carl Emery’s victorious challenges when he fought Jerome Barbier under professional kickboxing rules. The 2010 interview with Carl Emery, was a discussion of the World Kickboxing Forum he organized back then. The 2014 Games is the following of the movement he does. ‘The goal to bring all people together. To fight the fragmentation of the sport. All federation are welcome. I already have the support of many big organisations: WKN, WKA, ISKA, WTKA, etc.’ ‘This is in the same spirit as the first World Kickboxing Forum I organised in 2010 where for the first time in history all the major kickboxing sanctioning bodies sat around the same table to talk about this sport.’ ‘Last year for the first edition, we had 30 countries and 380 participants. We are expecting the double of participants this year.’ In 2011 Carl Emery lectured a History Lesson to kickboxing young generation when he succeed to bring the very first four World champions together: Isaias Duenas, Bill Wallace, Jeff Smith and Joe. first world kickboxing champions The ‘Fantastic Four’ was crowned on 14th September 1974 at Los Angeles Sports Arena in California, USA - Date of the first World Kickboxing Championships. The Gentlemen were inducted in the Champions Pantheon, the Hall of Fame of kickboxing, also created by Carl Emery. world champions kickboxing No politics involved. Unification of people of goodwill, this is where Carl Emery is heading to. ‘I want this tournament inclusive and open to everybody. Geneva is the European Headquarters of the United Nations and many other International Organizations. This is where people meet to find agreements, compromises, to end conflicts. I want Geneva to be a crossroads meeting for all lovers of fighting sports and martial arts.’ Carl Emery as a co-founder of ‘Fighting For Peace’ programme, launched in 2008 in Switzerland shoulder-to-shoulder with Billy Murray, was invited to the United Nations Headquarters last March. That was the first time in History when former kick boxers made a speech at the UN Human Rights Council conference. united nations kickboxing ‘Murray and I were asked to lecture about our PeaceFighters initiative as part of the Creative Prevention, Advocacy and Healing. This is a giant’s step for the martial arts and the combat sports. To be recognised by the highest international level of diplomacy, to talk about the benefits of these sports and activities, particularly for the children.’ The World Martial Arts Games 2014 in Geneva will be the second event since last year of a two days festival held on 13th and 14th September. ‘This will be a multi-sports tournament with the divisions starting from 5 years old to veterans, from beginners to professional fighters. Even handisports divisions.’ – Carl Emery captions on the upcoming event. ‘As well as a special competition for policemen, militaries and firemen only.’ – Emery adds. martial arts games ‘Geneva Open Tournament is a helping hand to Martial Arts of good will. You will see that all kind of martial arts are welcome. From traditional karate, musical forms, self-defence to kickboxing and muaythai, English-boxing, grappling and MMA.’ ‘Sport, friendship, fair play, fun… no politics. At least two days per year, there will be a place where everyone is welcome.’ – Carl Emery concludes.

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