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DYNAMITE JEROME LE BANNER - article du 20.12.2010 sur prokick

Date : 30/12/2010
Posté par : Carl E


Prokick News December 2010


Jerome LeBanner training at the Ace Academy along with friend Carl Emery

Dynamite Jerome LeBanner

Jerome LeBanner is leaving nothing to chance in preparation for his up-coming bout at the K-1 Dynamite event in Osaka, Japan on December 31. He faces Japanese fighter Mizuno under MMA rules. The popular K1 fighter Le Banner is currently in Switzerland putting finishing touches to his ground game. He is assisted by three Yamabushi specialists (Karim Radwan, Luca Staeger and Sacha Vetterli) all experts in ju-jitsu and MMA.

"It’s a great honour for us that Jremme has chosen our gym to help ready himself for the K-1 Dynamite in Osaka." said, Carl Emery owner of the new gym 'The ACE Academy.' 

The new gym is 300 sq.meters gym with 260 meters tatami area Plus 40sq. Meter ring area and a 90 sq. meter weight lifting, punching bags section. A private coaching room for personal one-to-one training.This has got to be the biggest martial gym in Switzerland and possibly one of the biggest in Europe.

Official opening will be April 2011. The gym was assited by the council and thanks to the help from people like Mr Thierry Cerutti, Mayor of Vernier.

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