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Gary HAMILTON is back !

Date : 29/11/2012
Posté par : Carl E


December 9 . 2012 / BELFAST . NORTHERN IRELAND WKN International promoter : Prokick Gym / Mr Billy MURRAY WKN International supervisor : Mrs Adele ROBINSON   VENUE : HOLIDAY INN BELFAST BILLY MURRAY PRESENT “CHRISTMAS CRAKERS “ : THE RETURN OF GARY HAMILTON ! It's Christmas time and it's going to be a KICKmas Cracker. December 9th will see Christmas coming early to kickboxing fans across Northern Ireland with a festive feast of fists and feet. Belfast's very own Gary Hamilton will top the KICKmas special as he campaigns towards world title contention in 2013. And that's not all, there will be a British low-leg kickboxing title along with a Celtic Nations title up for grabs. Also, ProKick's up-n-coming names will also appear on the event.   MAIN EVENTS :   WKN International fight Orientales rules / 64 ,400 Kg 5X2 Minute Rounds Gary Hamilton (N.Ireland) Vs Melvin Wassing (Holland)   WKN Amateur British Title Kickboxing orientales rules  69,900Kg 4x2 Minute Rounds Johnny Smith (N.Ireland) Vs Douglas Morrison (Scotland)   WKN Full Contact Amateur British Title 56,500 Kg 4x2 Minute Rounds Ursula Agnew (N.Ireland) Vs Shari Martin (Scotland)   Undercard :   Full Contact Rules 76,400 Kg 4x2 Minute Rounds Darren McMullen (N.Ireland) Vs Dave Krasjuck (Scotland)   Full Contact Rules 66,700 Kg 3x2 Minute Rounds Davy Foster (N.Ireland) Vs James McRobbie (Scotland)   Full Contact Rules 69,900 Kg 3x2 Minute Rounds Samantha Robb (N.Ireland) Vs Whitney Haberland (Holland)   Full Contact Junior 54,900 Kg 3x1.5 Minute Rounds Baillie Clinton (N.Ireland) Vs TBA (Holland)   Full Contact Junior 48Kg 3x1.5 Minute Rounds George Eyre (ProKick) Vs Matthew Bowman (Tarr's Gym Belfast)

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