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Test au niveau mondial pour Yoann Kongolo

Date : 17/12/2013
Posté par : Carl E

affiche thaiboxe 2014 Thaiboxe Mania 2014 - KONGOLO parmi les grands! THAIBOXE MANIA - 25 janvie 2014 à Turin/Italie : KONGOLO DANS LA COUR DES GRANDS A peine remis de ses émotions sur l'Île d'Emeraude où il a battu de manière probante le champion national, Aidan Brooks, le Lausannois Yoann Kongolo s'est déjà fixé un nouveau défi. Et quel défi! C'est par la voix de son manager Carl Emery, que nous avons appris que le kickboxeur Helvético-Congolais allait connaître son premier test au niveau mondial en affrontant, chez lui, le Turinois Roberto Cocco quintuple champion du monde des poids super-moyens (dernière couronne obtenue en 2005). Roberto Cocco fait l'effet d'un épouvantail puisqu'il compte une carrière incroyable de 118 combats, 85 victoires dont 42 par KO, 30 défaites et 3 match nuls. Il est, en outre, série "A" de boxe professionnelle et reste sur 4 victoires en 2013. (voir palmarès complet et biographie Wikipédia ci-dessous) Roberto Cocco est combattant professionnel de kickboxing et de boxe depuis près de 12 années Roberto Cocco est combattant professionnel de kickboxing et de boxe depuis près de 12 années Roberto "The Hammer" Cocco, l'homme aux cinq titres mondiaux Roberto "The Hammer" Cocco, l'homme aux cinq titres mondiaux Les hommes de coin de Kongolo du Yamabushi Competition Team Genève (Philippe Brélaz, Eric Mossière et Luca Staeger) auront fort à faire pour trouver la bonne stratégie pour venir à bout de ce monument des rings qu'est Cocco.   En étant choisi pour combattre dans le cadre de cette soirée exceptionnelle de la THAIBOXE MANIA de Turin, Yoann Kongolo confirme qu'il joue désormais dans la cour des grands. Au programme de ce gala figurent ni plus ni moins que les plus grands noms actuel du kickboxing et de la boxe thaïe, jugez plutôt : Sittichai SITSONGPEENONG - Chingiz ALLAZOV - Warren STEVELMANS - Yuri BESSMERTNY et Lucian DANILENCU Photos libres de droit et interviews, demandes à adresser à Carl Emery :     Roberto Cocco May 16, 1977 (age 36) Torino, Italy Nationality       Italian Height  1.81 m (5 ft 11 in) - Weight 78 kg (170 lb; 12.3 st)  Division           Middleweight - Super Middleweight - Light Heavyweight Style    Boxing, Muay Thai Team   Dojo Miura  Professional boxing record: 18 fights - Wins    10 - By knockout    5 - Losses 7 - By knockout    2 - Draws  1  Kickboxing record: 118 fights - Wins    85 - By knockout    42  - Losses 30 - Draws  3 Roberto Cocco (born May 16, 1977) is an Italian super middleweight Muay Thai kickboxer and boxer, fighting out of Dojo Miura in his home town of Turin, Italy. He is a former three time I.S.K.A. kickboxing world champion and one time World Kickboxing Network (W.K.N.) Thai-boxing world Champion. Roberto started learning martial arts aged six in his home town of Turin. He began with Judo but would soon progress to kickboxing despite initial attempts by his parents to discourage him. Through his teen years he attended several competitions in full contact kickboxing and boxing winning the Italian title at amateur level. In 1995 he started to learn Thai-boxing under coach Marco Franza and would turn pro not long after. In 2001, after picking up a number of victories on the domestic scene or across the border in France, Roberto had his first shot at a major title. He faced Carlos Heredia for the I.S.K.A. world title, winning a decision victory after twelve rounds - something Cocco was not used to, having usually faced opponents over three to five rounds. As a new world champion, doors opened for Roberto and he found himself in position for more honours; defeating Stephan Mbida to claim the W.P.K.C. intercontinental belt, and then going across to São Paulo, Brazil to unify the I.S.K.A. and U.W.K.F. world titles.[4] Throughout 2003, Cocco would defend his I.S.K.A. belt for the second time and win the W.K.N. world title by defeating Carlos Heredia once again, this time only taking one round as opposed to twelve, in a TKO victory.[5] In 2003 he signed with the recently created SuperLeague,[6] defeating Foad Sadeghi by knockout in his organizational debut in Vienna. By joining the promotion Roberto would face a much stiffer rate of competition, with many of his rivals European and world champions with plenty of fight experience. He found this out to his cost when he faced Joerie Mes in his next SuperLeague match, losing by KO in the fourth round. Between 2003 and 2006 (when the promoted ceased to exist), Roberto had a losing record with SuperLeague, good wins against Foad Sadeghi and Moises Baptista De Sousa tempered by a number of defeats, finishing with a 2 and 7 record with the promotion. He had some success on other circuits, however, defeating Roberto Castro in 2005 to claim the W.A.K.O. Pro world title.[7] As SuperLeague folded, Cocco started focusing more on professional boxing defeating former kickboxing rival Alexander Dredhaj on his debut in 2006. He would have a number of boxing bouts in his native Italy, culminating in a fight for the vacant W.B.C. Mediterranean title, losing a decision to Nikola Sjekloca. So far, unable to replicate his success on the kickboxing circuit he would be unsuccessful in his two other boxing title fights to date, losing three fights for the Italian title in 2008 and 2010 (two times).[8] Returning to kickboxing action in Europe, in between boxing, Cocco managed to pick up some good wins, defeating Thomas Hladky and multiple Muaythai world champion Rayen Simson to claim the Kings of Kickboxing Munich title in 2007, but dropping decisions to Yohan Lidon, Jiri Zak and Dmitry Shakuta. He lost to Yury Bessmertny by TKO due to a cut at Thai Boxe Mania in Turin, Italy on November 24, 2012. Even though the cut was caused by an accidental headbutt, Bessmertny was given the win rather than the bout being made a no contest.[9] He lost a unanimous decision to Karapet Karapetyan at Glory 7: Milan in Milan, Italy on April 20, 2013.   Titles Kickboxing: 2007 "Kings of Kickboxing" Munich preliminary tournament title -75 kg 2005 Kombat League Venezia K-1 rules tournament champion -76 kg 2005 W.A.K.O. Pro Full-Contact middleweight world champion -75 kg 2003 W.K.N. Thai-boxing super welterweight world champion -72.6 kg 2003 I.S.K.A. Full-Contact middleweight world champion -75 kg (2nd title defence) 2002 U.W.K.F. Full-Contact middleweight world title -75 kg 2002 I.S.K.A. Full-Contact middleweight world champion -75 kg (1st title defence) 2002 W.P.K.C. Thai-boxing intercontinental champion -76 kg 2001 I.S.K.A. Full-Contact middleweight world champion -75 kg Kickboxing record Date     Result  Opponent        Event   Location          Method            Round  Time 2013-04-20        Loss    Karapet Karapetyan    Glory 7: Milan Milan, Italy Decision (unanimous) 3          3:00 2012-02-05        Loss    Yury Bessmertny Thai Boxe Mania          Turin, Italy TKO (cut)                     2012-02-05        Loss    Artur Kyshenko Thai Boxe Mania          Turin, Italy Decision (Unanimous) 3          3:00 2011-11-06        Loss    Artem Levin Muay Thai Premier League: Round 3  Hague, Netherlands TKO                 2011-10-08        Loss    Kaoklai Kaennorsing Muaythai Premier League: Round 2    Padua, Italy Decision (Unanimous) 5          3:00 2011-03-18        Win      Marius Ti?? WAKO Pro GP '11: Romania vs Italy    Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania Decision (Unanimous) 3          3:00 2011-02-26        Win      Aurel Pirtea X1 Boxing Promotion  Turin, Italy Decision          3          3:00 2010-11-13        Win      Mario Agatic   X1 Boxing Promotion  Ivrea, Italy Decision          3          3:00 2010-10-30        Win      Barish Tunal   X1 Boxing Promotion  Turin, Italy KO       1          2008-04-12        Loss    Dmitry Shakuta K-1 Italy Oktagon 2008 Milan, Italy Decision (Unanimous) 3          3:00 2007-06-23        Loss    Jiri Zak           5 Knockout Fight Night, Final  Lucerne, Switzerland Decision          3          3:00 Fight was for "Kings of Kickboxing 2007" Lucerne tournament title -75kg. 2007-06-23        Win      Bakar Barakat 5 Knockout Fight Night, Semi Final    Lucerne, Switzerland Decision          3          3:00      2007-05-26        Loss    Yohan Lidon Abano Grand Prix 2007           Abano Terme, Italy Decision          3          3:00      2007-03-10        Win      Rayen Simson  Steko's Fight Night 23, Final   Munich, Germany Decision (Unanimous) 3          3:00      Wins "Kings of Kickboxing 2007" Munich preliminary tournament title -75kg. 2007-03-10        Win      Thomas Hladky          Steko's Fight Night 23, Semi Final      Munich, Germany  Decision          3          3:00      2006-12-09        Loss    Najim Ettouhali          Judgement Day           Roosendaal, Netherlands Decision          5          3:00      2006-07-02        Loss    Ibrahim Tamazaev      King of the Kings 2      Milan, Italy Decision          5          3:00      2006-03-11        Loss    Dany Bill SuperLeague Apocalypse 2006           Paris, France Decision (Unanimous) 3          3:00      2006-01-28        Loss    Dmitry Shakuta SuperLeague Hungary 2006     Budapest, Hungary Decision (Unanimous) 3          3:00      2005-10-22        Loss    Clifton Brown SuperLeague Heavy Knockout 2005    Vienna, Austria Decision          3          3:00      2005-05-27        Win      Rosario Presti Kombat League Venezia, Final            Mestre, Italy Decision          3          3:00      Wins Kombat League Venezia K-1 rules tournament -76kg. 2005-05-27        Win      Salvatore Abate          Kombat League Venezia, Semi Final   Mestre, Italy KO       1                      2005-05-27        Win      Guaye Dauda  Kombat League Venezia, Quarter Finals         Mestre, Italy Decision          3          3:00      2005-05-21        Win      Moises Baptista De Sousa      SuperLeague Germany 2005    Oberhausen, Germany KO (High Kick)4 2005-04-05        Win      Ryan Roy        Lumpinee Stadium Bangkok, Thailand KO       2                      2005-03-19        Win      Ricardo Verschuren               Turin, Italy KO       1                      2005-02-19        Win      Roberto Castro           The King of Kings       Milan, Italy TKO (Ref Stop/2 Knockdowns)            2                      Wins W.A.K.O. Pro Full-Contact middleweight world title -75 kg. 2004-12-11        Loss    Cesar Cordoba           Superliga 2004 Federacion Catalana   Barcelona, Spain Decision          5          3:00      2004-04-24        Win      Shingo Eguchi           K-1 Italy 2004 Milan, Italy Decision          5          3:00      2004-03-30        Loss    Jiri Zak           SuperLeague Italy 2004           Padova, Italy Decision          5          3:00      2003-12-06        Win      Yassine Perricot                     Collegno, Italy Decision                                  2003-09-27        Loss    Joerie Mes SuperLeague Germany 2003    Wuppertal, Germany KO       4 2003-05-10        Win      Foad Sadeghi SuperLeague Austria 2003       Vienna, Austria KO (Knee)        4                      2003-04-12        Win      Carlos Heredia                       Turin, Italy TKO     1                      Wins W.K.N. Thai-boxing super welterweight world title -72.6 kg. 2003-03-29        Win      Viorel Bondoc                        Rome, Italy TKO     3                      Retains I.S.K.A. Full-Contact middleweight world title -75 kg (2nd defence). 2002-11-30        Win      Takaaki Nakamura      Kickboxing Mondiale 3            Padova, Italy Decision          5          3:00      2002-06-19        Win      Isaul Torrão Soares                São Paulo, Brazil KO       5                      Wins Soares U.W.K.F. Full-Contact middleweight world title -75 kg & retains I.S.K.A. Full-Contact middleweight world title -75 kg (1st defence). 2002-06-19        Win      Stephan Mbida                       Peschiera Borromeo, Italy Decision          5          3:00      Wins W.P.K.C. Thai-boxing intercontinental title -76 kg. 2002-05-15        Win      Michele Verginelli      Oktagon Milano           Milan, Italy KO       5 2002-04-15        Win      Chucovich                  Collegno, Italy Decision                                  2002-04-01        Win      Kugler Oktagon Roma Rome, Italy KO       1                      2001-10-13        Win      Paolo Reverberi                     Bologna, Italy KO       2 2001-10-13        Win      Cico Zerbini               Borgaro Torinese, Italy Decision                                  2001-07-14        Win      Cloudran                    Casale Monferrato, Italy Decision                                  2001-06-12        Win      Carlos Heredia                       Turin, Italy Decision          12        2:00      Wins I.S.K.A. Full-Contact middleweight world title -75 kg. 2001-04-14        Win      John Yale                   Turin, Italy KO       1                      2001-02-24        Win      Clarence                     Montauban, France Decision 2001-03-10        Loss    Bernard Mersch                      Saint-Étienne, France Decision                                  2001-02-24        Win      Giovanni Perlunger                Trieste, Italy Decision                                  2001-02-10        Draw    Alexander Dredhaj                  Collegno, Italy Decision Draw                         Roberto Cocco Official Site Best K-1 Website on the net See also: List of male kickboxers References "INTERVISTA con ROBERTO COCCO (Early career - in Italian)". Retrieved 2011-05-01.  "INTERVISTA con ROBERTO COCCO (I.S.K.A. world title victory - in Italian)". Retrieved 2011-05-01.  "WORLD THAIBOXE RATINGS - WPKC-SWISS (Has Cocco has intercontinental champion - in Italian)". Retrieved 2011-05-01.  "ISKA AMÉRICA DO SUL (Mentions Cocco title fight)". Retrieved 2011-05-01. "WKN World Champion MAY 2003 (Scroll down to Thai-boxing section - mentions Cocco title fight)". Retrieved 2011-05-01. "SUPER LEAGUE Fighters - Cocco Roberto". Retrieved 2011-05-01.  "King of King's - MONDIALI DI KICKBOXING (In Italian)". Retrieved 2011-05-01. "Roberto Cocco - Boxer". Retrieved 2011-05-01. Thai Boxe Mania Results: Bessmertny, Gogokhia pick up wins GLORY 7 Milan Fight Card For April 20 GLORY 7 Milan Live Results GLORY 7 Milan Live Updates Giorgio Petrosyan Barely Breaks a Sweat against Hafid El Boustati: GLORY 7 Milan Full Results "FIGHT REPORT". Retrieved 2011-05-01.     Nouvelle imageNouvelle image Nouvelle image

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