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Weigh-ins No. 2 at the Park Ave Hotel

Date : 11/06/2017
Posté par : Carl E

Article edited on 10.06.2017 Weigh-ins Usual Suspects 3 Second part of the weigh-ins took place at 9pm at the Park Ave hotel three more matches done & dusted with everyone on weigh. Eight fighters have now been weigh'd-in for tomorrow's kickboxing event at the Queens Hall in Newtownards. First-up was Cathy McAleer & Beatrice Marcialis as both fighters hit the scales at 54.2 respectfully. Then Rowena Bolt and Julia Chatellier paired off. Then Charlene Best Faced Lorie Lacroix to make the weight and finally, Henry Moore squared-off with Thomas Poulin.  The doors open at 3pm Sunday 11th June at Queens Hall Newtownards  ProKick International kickboxing event. WKN International K1 match 4x2 - 54kg Cathy McAleer (Belfast, NI) Vs Beatrice Marcialis (Cagliari Kickboxing, Sardinia) Both fighters weigh'd-in at 54.2kg This was the first to be weigh'd-in for Sunday's kickboxing event at the Queens Hall in Newtownards. The weight is over for Cathy McAleer & Beatrice Marcialis as both fighters hit the scales at 54.2 respectfully. The match was made by the WKN world office at 54kg and under K1 style rules over 4 by 2 min rounds. The next weigh-ins are at 9pm at the Park Ave Hotel. All the fighters hit the weight - details below from 9pm tonight Amateur Low-Kick match 3x2  Rowena Bolt (Belfast, NI) Vs Julia Chatellier (Yamabushi, Switzerland) Rowena 55.9kg and Chatellier was 57.1kg Novice Low-Kick match 3x2 - 57kg Charlene Best (Belfast, NI) Vs Lorie Lacroix (Yamabushi, Switzerland) Charlene weigh'd in at 57.6kg and Lorie made 57.2kg Novice First time fighters: Novice Full-Contact match 3x2 - 80kg Henry Moore (Belfast) Vs Thomas Poulain (Yamabushi, Switzerland) Henry made an all time low of 79.6kg with Thomas light at 76.9kg *************** The two below fighters will weigh-in 12;30pm on the 11th June. Amateur International K1 kickboxing match 4x2 - 68kg Killian Emery (Yamabushi, Switzerland) Vs Rytis Danuiles(Billy O'Sullivan KB, Waterford) Novice Full-Contact Teenager match 3x2 - 60kg Grace Goody (Belfast,NI) Vs Natalie Parkins Delaney (Billy O'Sullivan KB, Waterford) Undercard:ProKick Kids will open the show with a selection of light-contact matches. 

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